Dr. David Hee-Don Lee
WTCA Vice Chairman
Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator

Dr. David H. Lee now serves as a Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for World Trade Centers Association and Regional coordinator for Asia-Pacific. As Chairman of the Committee on Trade Education, Training and Research for WTCA, Dr. Lee has initiated the idea of World Trade Center University in order to provide an opportunity for the individual World Trade Centers and their 750,000 plus affiliate corporate members to take part in a successful on-line university degree program in "e-World Trade."

Recognizing the need for better travel service, pricing and accommodations for the WTCA membership, Dr. Lee is currently putting closure on a newly developed travel package, named as WTC Business Tourism, that will address the individual needs, logistical problems, scheduling and cost concerns of the more than 300 individual World Trade Centers holding membership in the World Trade Centers Association. In order to fulfill the mission of WTCA, "Peace through promoting the Trade", Dr. Lee has also been working for WTC Corps, the charitable arm of WTCA, WTC Foundation and World Cultural Assets Exchange Foundation. Dr. Lee came to the World Trade Centers Association in 1993 from the University of California, San Diego as a professor doing Post-Doctorate work in International Relations and specializing in regional development. He received his Ph.D. (National doctorate) from Madrid National University, Spain along with the studies on the law at the Western State Univ., School of Law, Business Administration at California State Univ., Los Angeles, U.S. and the international economic cooperation at St. Anthony College, the Oxford University, England as in-resident researcher. Until recently he served as a Distinguished Fellow, Harris Manchester College, Oxford University.

He has held numerous professorships worldwide such as in U.S., Japan and Europe and has published extensively both books and articles covering a wide range of topics in international economics and regional development. Dr. Lee has been awarded several scholastic and academic honors as well as a commendation from Mexico in appreciation of academic achievement for cooperation between developing and developed countries.

In private sector, he is also serving as CEO for World Trade Center Development of HRD International Group which is a well-known U.S. multinational development & management company.

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